BNLN Steering Committee

Following the focus group meetings a Steering Committee of 5 persons was named to begin developing the Network:

Anthonia de Costa – Anthonia is the Principal at the College of Nursing Mohokhali, Dhaka and serves as Chair of the Committee

ShirinaAkhter – Shirin is an instructor in the Milford Nursing Institute

Ava Adhikary – Ava is also an instructor in the Milford Nursing Institute

Salma Khatun – Salma is an Assistant Professor, deputed to the DNS office

Sandhya Rani Dey – Sandhya is the Local Nurse Teaching Specialist with the HRH Project

In 2014 three others joined the Steering Committee:

Mahenoor Begum –Mahenoor is a nursing instructor in the College of Nursing Mohokhali, Dhaka

Sabita Rani Mukherjee – Sabita is the principal of the Barisal Nursing College

Farida Begum – Farida is a consultant with UNFPA.

 2015 brought further changes to the Steering Committee as it prepared for registration with government authorities.  Farida Begum stepped down and the following nurses were added:

Rahila Khanum, Deputy Matorn, Birdem Hospital

Dr. Md. Mofiz Ullah, DPM (HRH) seconded to the Directorate of Nursing

Jannatul Fendouch, Lecturer, Square Nursing College.


Steering Committee Activities

The Steering Committee was handed a big job – to develop the Network design, plan refresher training for LFC graduates, plan a national conference, develop a database of known LFC graduates, draft policy, and design and populate the Network website. Focus group input was very helpful in building the Network structure.  The Steering Committee was tasked to draft the mission, vision, and values as well as the rules and regulations and develop a logo, plan for the first elections and build a budget – a huge amount of work for a very able and committed group of volunteers.