About Us


BNLN is a voluntary network that brings together nurses from the public and private sectors in Bangladesh who are interested in sharing and developing their leadership knowledge and skills. The Network provides a forum for education, information sharing, advocacy, mentorshipand elevating the image of the profession. Thus it benefits both the individual and the profession.


The mission of the Bangladesh Nursing Leadership Network is to support nursing leadership development to enhance the knowledge, skills and attitudes of nurse leaders and aspiring leaders to promote the profession and provide better service to humanity.


The BNLN vision:Bangladesh nurse leaders are recognized nationally and internationally for their contributions to patient care, nursing education, research, and management as well as their leadership in influencing policy and planning, mentoring emerging leaders,           and enhancing professional unity.


The Network values and their meaning are as follows:

Transparency–BNLN exhibits openness and readily shares information with the intent that everyone can see everything

Accountability – the Network and its leadership are answerable for our actions

Confidence –the Network leaders and members believe in our individual and joint ability

Commitment – Individually and collectively we keep our word and exhibit a willingness      to strive to meet the mission and vision of the Network

Trust –we are known for our dependability and reliability

Innovation – we encourage and embrace new ways of thinking and doing